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We know the old face of Cannabis...

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But the times, they are a changin'.

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There's a movement...

Slide background some of the most unlikely circles...

Slide background some of the most unlikely places...

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...with the backing of many leaders...

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...affecting millions of lives...

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...from every aspect of our society...

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We're there every step of the way...
to tell the story.

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U.S. Weed Channel

United States Weed Channel

All Facets of Cannabis

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Finally, the real deal for Cannabis enthusiasts. U.S. WEED CHANNEL aka USWC is the niche TV Network of Canna-content created to entertain and educate the general public about Weed. Organically grown by YOU our supporters USWC created the second largest reach in the Canna-culture. (Thank YOU!)

The only streaming TV channel of its kind, USWC is available today on Roku’s 15 million devices and is re-launching in Fall 2015 to Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Game Consoles and Mobile Devices! Estimated to reach over 500 million device-screens USWC will create the largest Cannabis media outlet ever!

USWC’s programming keep our viewers up-to-date with information related to acceptance and legalization, provides factual knowledge, safety tips, newscasts, medical updates and insightfully analyzes recent social acceptance throughout the United States. But CHYA!…we are the U.S. Weed Channel! So don’t count on PC behavior!

Seriousness aside, you get the ‘Higher’ side of Weed as well! USWC brings you Great Greens, Glowing Glass, Gorgeous Girls, Ganga Games (okay enough ‘G’s!), Live Concerts and News, cultivation, cooking and lots of fun where pretty much everything is likely to happen.

Come chill-it with USWC…kick back, it’s 4:20 somewhere! Let USWC be your guide to the ‘World of Weed’.

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420 Honeys

Happy Farmers


USWC Radio…stay updated all day, all night.

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USWC Rocks. Check it out!

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