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Maryland board leaders decide if they want to block ‘weed’ by changing Master Plan

| Government, News | No Comments
We love top point out the obvioius here at USWC. So when Commissioner Dennis Frazier, R-District 3 or Maryland stated "We shouldn't be obstructing the legitimate use of marijuana just because it's marijuana." during a down meeting to deice whether to ammend the areas master plan to stop cannabisuness...we had…

Parent files when Kansas siezes child because parents opinion on Weed!

| News | No Comments
Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against State of Kansas by Shona Banda’s Lawyers additional reading. This woman simply spoke at a PTA meeting about the positive aspects of Weed…and her child was taken by the State of Kansas. We at USWC do not tollerate such nonsense and are happy to point…

mCig’s Cannabis Innovation Awards to air on USWC!

| News | No Comments
mCig films its brand new production of the Cannabis Innovation Awards this fall. When the show is filmed millions will be able to view it free on USWC! The show will bring attention to some of the Cannabis industries best and brightest hopefulls. Cannabis-enthuiasts as well as the canna-curious will delight…

Cannabis Opposition put in place by 15-year old teenagers statement.

| News | No Comments
We at USWC really like it when something wonderful comes from our nations youth that can put things simply to our nations grown-ups. 15-year old Coltyn Turner said something wonderful regarding the treatment of his illness with Cannabis. It summed up the attitude of most Americans who are treating themselves with some…

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