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Maryland board leaders decide if they want to block ‘weed’ by changing Master Plan

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We love top point out the obvioius here at USWC. So when Commissioner Dennis Frazier, R-District 3 or Maryland stated “We shouldn’t be obstructing the legitimate use of marijuana just because it’s marijuana.” during a down meeting to deice whether to ammend the areas master plan to stop cannabisuness…we had to give a kudo for masterful obviousness in leadership.

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Parent files when Kansas siezes child because parents opinion on Weed!

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Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against State of Kansas by Shona Banda’s Lawyers additional reading.

This woman simply spoke at a PTA meeting about the positive aspects of Weed…and her child was taken by the State of Kansas.

We at USWC do not tollerate such nonsense and are happy to point out the abuse of power by the representatives at the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

Shona Banda is a woman who gained her following by sharing a way to produce her own inexpensive cannabis oil extraction method in an effort to create a home treatment for Crohn’s disease and other ailments.

If you wish to contact the Kansas Department of Children and Families and let them know how you feel about their decision to take a child from a caring mother. 1-800-922-5330

Shona Banda’s Lawyers File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against State of Kansas

mCig’s Cannabis Innovation Awards to air on USWC!

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mCig films its brand new production of the Cannabis Innovation Awards this fall. When the show is filmed millions will be able to view it free on USWC!

The show will bring attention to some of the Cannabis industries best and brightest hopefulls.

Cannabis-enthuiasts as well as the canna-curious will delight in some of the inventions and processes developed by the array of candidates.

Look for the Cannabis Innovation Awards show in early fall of 2015 on U.S. WEED CHANNEL!

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Weed in Texas?! Git my Rope!

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Eileen Gonzalez from ABC’s KSAT-12 in San Antonio explains how CBD, the medicine in Cannabis that does not get a person ‘stoned’, is legal already and could be helping people who simply don’t know the option is available. There are too many families that are not aware that help from Hemp is available right now. Thanks Eileen for setting the record straight!


USWC talks with PR Mogul Jonathan Hay about The Haymaker his New Reality TV Series

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April 25th 2015

“The show was to feature the marijuana dispensary aspect but once we did some screen tests and focus groups,” Jonathan tells US Weed Channel exclusively, “That all changed. Basically, we went corporate and sold out. I’m kidding. We felt that it was more important to focus on the family aspect and the emotional reunions with each side of my family — my birth mother and birth father and all my biological brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. I have’t met any of them in person yet and it will all be captured on film. So The Haymaker won’t focus anymore on a dispensary or even really on the music business stuff with various celebrities.”

A song from The Haymaker Reality Series is available this week on streaming sites such as Spotify and Jay Z’s Tidal called “I’ve Been Waiting” with Kanye West’s artist Cyhi the Prynce and Shalé produced by Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and DJ King Tech of Sway and Tech from Shade 45 (Eminen’s Radio Station). Jonathan shares with US Weed Channel “It’s a very emotional song musically, obviously with an interpolation of Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter. I wanted the song to be opposite of Pearl Jam’s song. That’s why our version is very piano heavy, with a different guitar approach than the original that Mike McCready played. Guitarist and Co-Producer Mike Smith went somewhere else with the song guitar-wise and he really did it justice. King Tech added the choir to go with Shalé’s singing and Tech mixed it beautifully. It’s a great song and I am glad it’s part of the reality series.”

Sanjay Gupta says ‘Weed Revolution!’

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Sanjay Gupta has taken the best possible stance on Cannabis lately! We appreciate his bravery in the face of the corporate-wheel!

USWC would love to feature Dr. Gupta’s video soon as well!

Ricky Williams on Pot: ‘It Worked for Me’

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Former NFL star Ricky Williams doesn’t smoke weed anymore, but during his playing days, he says, “It worked for me. It was better for my body. It wasn’t necessarily better for my career.
“It’s given me a bit of a reputation that I’ll have to deal with for the next 20 years, until people forget.”
Williams failed numerous drug tests for marijuana when he played for the Dolphins. He was suspended twice and took a personal hiatus which landed him to India.
NFL Approves Testing Changes, Increasee Threshold fo Pot
“I think if you ask the NFL, they’d say the drug program is for our safety,” Williams points out. “But I think it’s more to protect the image of the league.”
Like many current players, Williams used pot as a replacement for pain medications. “It’s easier on your liver,” he tells USA Today. “It doesn’t cut your awareness off from your body, the way most pain medications do. It actually increases awareness of your body.
‘When I played and I smoked, my body would relax and I’d go in the room and stretch a little bit and do some yoga. And relaxing would help my body recover faster.’
“It’s interesting that people talk about physical benefits. I think there are some psychological benefits, too, especially something like the NFL where the stress level is so high. It helps you relax, and everyone knows if your muscles relax the blood is going to flow, which means more blood, more oxygen, more nutrients, which decreases healing time.”
During his 10-year professional career, Williams gained 10,000 yards. He no longer has the pain and stress he suffered while in the NFL.
“When I go places, people offer me pot all the time,” Williams notes. “And then I have to say, ‘Well, I’m sorry, I don’t do that anymore.’ And they look so disappointed.”


New Yorks Cuomo – Only some sick can feel better / Soldiers may suffer

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New York Gov. Quomo may be prejudice against certain ill people in his State and has set the stage to make sure Soldiers must suffer from PTSD ailments.

Is this PREJUDICE? – When the Governor requests certain ailments be removed from the allowable list it is clearly an indication of PREJUDICE against people who suffer from those ailments…OR he is making sure the pharma that pushes thier product to that sector keeps pushing their pharma to that sector.

It is Ungrateful! – When soldiers suffering from PTSD cannot SMOKE weed it takes much longer for the psychoactive affect that calms them and helps stop their suffering. I know this first-hand from owning a dispensary at the back side of Camp Pendleton Marine Base and helping their discharged soldiers. Thus Quomo’ ruling that cannabis cannot be smoked means that a soldier must suffer for at least 30-minutes extra while waiting for an edible to take effect.

1) After risking their lives for our contry isn’t 1-minute of suffering too much?

2) Do you have any idea how much damage an angry, well trained American Soldier can do in 30-minutes? Trust me, you want that person SMOKING their weed and it working fast.

This goes for any sufferer of PTSD in any form…let them PUFF.

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