Maryland board leaders decide if they want to block ‘weed’ by changing Master Plan

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We love top point out the obvioius here at USWC. So when Commissioner Dennis Frazier, R-District 3 or Maryland stated “We shouldn’t be obstructing the legitimate use of marijuana just because it’s marijuana.” during a down meeting to deice whether to ammend the areas master plan to stop cannabisuness…we had to give a kudo for masterful obviousness in leadership.

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Parent files when Kansas siezes child because parents opinion on Weed!

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Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against State of Kansas by Shona Banda’s Lawyers additional reading.

This woman simply spoke at a PTA meeting about the positive aspects of Weed…and her child was taken by the State of Kansas.

We at USWC do not tollerate such nonsense and are happy to point out the abuse of power by the representatives at the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

Shona Banda is a woman who gained her following by sharing a way to produce her own inexpensive cannabis oil extraction method in an effort to create a home treatment for Crohn’s disease and other ailments.

If you wish to contact the Kansas Department of Children and Families and let them know how you feel about their decision to take a child from a caring mother. 1-800-922-5330

Shona Banda’s Lawyers File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against State of Kansas

mCig’s Cannabis Innovation Awards to air on USWC!

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mCig films its brand new production of the Cannabis Innovation Awards this fall. When the show is filmed millions will be able to view it free on USWC!

The show will bring attention to some of the Cannabis industries best and brightest hopefulls.

Cannabis-enthuiasts as well as the canna-curious will delight in some of the inventions and processes developed by the array of candidates.

Look for the Cannabis Innovation Awards show in early fall of 2015 on U.S. WEED CHANNEL!

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Cannabis Opposition put in place by 15-year old teenagers statement.

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We at USWC really like it when something wonderful comes from our nations youth that can put things simply to our nations grown-ups.

15-year old Coltyn Turner said something wonderful regarding the treatment of his illness with Cannabis. It summed up the attitude of most Americans who are treating themselves with some form of Weed. Many of whom are moving to Weed-legal states instead of waiting for their government to catch-up with them.  He let them know exactly how he feels in a single sentence. “I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead”.

Good job Coltyn!

See the article here:

or click here – Coltyn Turners Article

4 of 5 Adult Americans favor legalization for Weed!!

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Well it looks as if the tide is just about to rise in our favor again according to The Harris Poll® of 2,221 U.S. adults surveyed online between February 11 and 17, 2015.

According to the results of the Poll 81% of Adult Americans are ready to legalize Weed. That is 7 percentage points higher than a Poll taken in 2011. Meaning there is no other subject that Americans agree on more than legalizing Cannabis.

We at USWC would like to think the 19% will come to their senses. In the meanwhile, enjoy the change! We love the way you think America!


First Church of Cannabis Has IRS Approval

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IRS approves first Church Of Cannabis. what’s next for marijuana?
Welcome to the First Church of Cannabis Inc., approved by Indiana’s Secretary of State under its controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Even bigger that state law approval, the church has even been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS (link is external). Tea Party conservatives evidently had a lot more trouble with their tax exemption applications. The stated intent of the upstart church is “to start a church based on love and understanding with compassion for all.”

Bill Levin is the self-described “Minister of Love and Grand Poobah” of the Church. The first church service is set for July 1, 2015. It is no coincidence that July 1 is the day the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act takes effect. The church has a Facebook page (link is external) with clever notes like “The Deity Dozen,” “Don’t be an asshole” and “Do not be a ‘troll’ on the Internet.”

The Indianapolis Star (link is external) says First Church of Cannabis could test (link is external) the new religious freedom law. And many are probably wondering if the Church of Cannabis a realchurch. The State of Indiana and the IRS think so. For others, it may depend on how you define a church and how well this fits the pattern. There are some strange court cases that have looked at the question. For example, U.S. v. Myers, examined five factors to determine whether a “Church of Marijuana” was authentically religious: ultimate ideas, metaphysical beliefs, a moral system, comprehensiveness of beliefs, and the ‘accoutrements of religion,’ such as important writings, a priesthood, etc.
The Church says that “Cannabis, the ‘healing plant,’ is our sacrament.” Its founder plans to grow hemp. though the church will not buy or sell marijuana. But smoking in church will evidently be permitted. “If someone is smoking in our church, God bless them,” Levin said. “This is a church to show a proper way of life, a loving way to live life. We are called ‘cannataerians.’”

There are many tax advantages of church status and an IRS determination letter (link is external). Even compared to other tax-exempt organizations, church status is the crème de la crème. Churches reap a vast array of tax advantages. They even include special rules limiting IRS authority to audit a church (link is external). A “church” is not specifically defined in the tax code, but the IRS lays out buzzwords in its tax guide for churches and religious organizations (link is external), including these characteristics:

Distinct legal existence;
Recognized creed and form of worship;
Definite and distinct ecclesiastical government;
Formal code of doctrine and discipline;
Distinct religious history;
Membership not associated with any other church or denomination;
Organization of ordained ministers;
Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed study;
Literature of its own;
Established places of worship;
Regular congregations;
Regular religious services;
Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young; and
Schools for preparing its members.
The IRS considers all facts and circumstances in assessing whether an organization qualifies. But unlike other exempt organizations, a church need not actually apply for tax exemption (link is external). Most churches do, but it is technically not required. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center (link is external) reports that over one hundred 501(c)(3) organizations lose their tax-exempt status each year. The reasons vary, but the losses of tax-exempt status do suggest that the mere fact that the First Church of Cannabis obtained a tax exemption does not necessarily mean it will keep it forever.


Strawberry Cough Strain of The Week!

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Humboldt, Tennessee, is the Strawberry Capital of the World. So is Ponchatoula, Louisiana. And Plant City, Florida… and Stilwell, Oklahoma. Need something closer to home: try Watsonville, California. Or Oxnard. Apparently it makes no difference. Heck, you could be sitting in one of the Strawberry Capitals of the World right now.

Just as prolific as world “strawberry capitals”, Strawberry Cough also seems to be popping up everywhere these days, enjoying a wave of popularity that includes several recent Cannabis Cup wins. Strawberry Cough is a hybrid of Strawberry Fields, an indica, and Haze, a landrace sativa. True to half its name, the strain smells of strawberries immediately upon opening the jar — though I didn’t cough nearly as much as its moniker would suggest. The sweet berry taste was reminiscent of Frankenberry cereal, creating a smooth and flavorful smoke.

With a high that is uplifting but focused, Strawberry Cough is perfect for group work or outings with friends, leaving you feeling social and interactive. However, the contributions of its indica genetics means is just the right bit of relaxing: like an airport massage before boarding your plane. Combined, these effects work brilliantly to curb the symptoms of social anxiety and depression.

Thank you to Jeff at OC Weed Review

Strain Of The Week

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Mars OG Strain of The Week!

Last week we focused attention on our current planet with our review of Earth OG. And so for our next Strain of the Week, we look to our future planet in Mars OG. Long have we looked to Mars for the existence of little green men on the surface. Yet now, we are looking at the surface for a new home. During your lifetime or one to come, Earthlings will likely attempt to become Martians. Until that day comes, there is Mars OG.

An indoor to outdoor grow of the Fire OG Kush phenotype, expect an earthy musk scent to the big resinous buds, like leaves and punky wood–with an underlying herbal spiciness. The low THC and high CBD numbers mean lots of body effects and couch-lock with very little “intoxication”, making Mars OG an ideal medication. If it is good for pain, then it is great for insomnia. Within 30 minutes and as the peak begins to subside, Mars OG lulls you off to a perfect, contented sleep.

Thank you to Jeff of OC Week Review!

Weed in Texas?! Git my Rope!

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Eileen Gonzalez from ABC’s KSAT-12 in San Antonio explains how CBD, the medicine in Cannabis that does not get a person ‘stoned’, is legal already and could be helping people who simply don’t know the option is available. There are too many families that are not aware that help from Hemp is available right now. Thanks Eileen for setting the record straight!


USWC talks with PR Mogul Jonathan Hay about The Haymaker his New Reality TV Series

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April 25th 2015

“The show was to feature the marijuana dispensary aspect but once we did some screen tests and focus groups,” Jonathan tells US Weed Channel exclusively, “That all changed. Basically, we went corporate and sold out. I’m kidding. We felt that it was more important to focus on the family aspect and the emotional reunions with each side of my family — my birth mother and birth father and all my biological brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. I have’t met any of them in person yet and it will all be captured on film. So The Haymaker won’t focus anymore on a dispensary or even really on the music business stuff with various celebrities.”

A song from The Haymaker Reality Series is available this week on streaming sites such as Spotify and Jay Z’s Tidal called “I’ve Been Waiting” with Kanye West’s artist Cyhi the Prynce and Shalé produced by Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and DJ King Tech of Sway and Tech from Shade 45 (Eminen’s Radio Station). Jonathan shares with US Weed Channel “It’s a very emotional song musically, obviously with an interpolation of Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter. I wanted the song to be opposite of Pearl Jam’s song. That’s why our version is very piano heavy, with a different guitar approach than the original that Mike McCready played. Guitarist and Co-Producer Mike Smith went somewhere else with the song guitar-wise and he really did it justice. King Tech added the choir to go with Shalé’s singing and Tech mixed it beautifully. It’s a great song and I am glad it’s part of the reality series.”

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