The United States Weed Showcase Series


Happy Farmer Growing Series
(From seed to smoke)

Growers Neb and Ben share the various aspects of growing cannabis from seed to bong.  Years of experience with successful tips are shared to make everyone a “green grower”!


The 420 News
(Weekly update of current weed news)

A weekly news program on the status of cannabis in the world.  From domestic to international news, to feel good stories and medical updates, the world of weed comes to you like 60 Minutes meets Steve Colbert and John Stewart.  At times to include a round table of multi age participants who discuss the topics.


Short Rips
(Short films)

A variety of short films from around the world. Fun, Creative and entertaining.  An ongoing short film festival screening will take place during the year with prizes.  Voting for Audience Choice Awards by the US weed Channel viewers will be a fun factor to Short Rips!


Weed Radio
(All the coolest sounds and talent)

A variety of the best music to help make your experience more enjoyable.


420 Honeys Gameshow

Game show with female participants, who are of a responsible lifestyle having fun in a series of games and community service opportunities in the neighborhood.  A winner will be decided each week with the culmination of a 420 Honey of the Month, who then competes for the 420 Honey of the Year.


Weed Music TV
(Videos, concerts, jams, more)

Music station of artists who load to the site their songs with a yearly fee.


Weed Channel 101
(Founders message)

Information on The US Weed Channel, sharing the Mission Statement and plans for the future development of the only station dedicated to the awareness of cannabis in America.


The Shake
(From the bottom of the bag)

More info soon.


Comfort Cannabis Cookery
(with Keiko Beatie)

A cooking show highlighting the insight of cannabis infused foods, with special guests and delectable meals.  Making the comfort of infused cooking an easy path to deliciousness!  Sharing that comfort food is made with love!

weed grow

The Chill Channel
(24hr. garden streaming)

A webcam set up viewing a garden growing twenty-four hours  a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year, plus awesome sunsets and other chillin’ content.

weed grow

CANNA Medication
(Just what the doctor ordered)

Learn about medical uses, concerns and studies related to marijuana.