2014 King & Queen Stoners of The Year

By January 7, 2015 Advice, News, Thoughts

King and Queen Stoners of The Year!

Drum roll for the newly crowned King and Queen of the year….. Rolling Stone Magazine deemed that Seth Rogan is to be considered as the Hollywood Stoner of The Year. With Rogens love of the bud and openness to share it with everyone in Hollywood, no wonder everyone wants to be in a film with Seth!

As for the Queen so many ladies to consider, but Marijuana.com has announced that Sarah Silverman is the Queen of Cannabis of the year! Congratulations Sarah as her classy presentation on the Red Carpet with E’s Juliana Resnick while at the Emmy’s, shows discreetly her vape pen. Sarah states “This is my pot. It’s liquid pot. Vapor.”

Just how many other ladies carry their vape on the Red Carpet? Susan Sarandon has shared that she couldn’t think of an award show that she didn’t partake a bit of the cannabis while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. As well as Whoppie Goldberg on ABC morning show The View has chastised her Co-Host for their closed minded consideration of cannabis! Yeah Whoppie Goldie! This lady of comedy has been utilizing cannabis for years and understands the medical and recreational benefits.

We do have to give continuing kudos to Snoop Dog, he is not just a King of Cannabis as it is known that Snoop is puffing 81 blunts a day!!! May we call him the Godfather of Cannabis, but who is rolling the 81 blunts a day?

Our congratulations go out to Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman, thank you for your strength and your love of the Bud!

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