Adopt A Prisoner The Human Solution Highlights Richard DeLisi

By January 7, 2015 News

 The Human Solution Prisoner Report – Richard DeLisi

I would like to say first and foremost, does it matter a person’s involvement with marijuana? I mean we’re at a time where “the people” agree marijuana is safer than alcohol and that crimes committed under the influence of marijuana like the digestion of a whole hoagie are far less wicked than the shootings and rapes committed under the influence of alcohol, and yet alcohol establishments thrived under legalization where those who consume, grow, sale, and/or even promote marijuana always face a threat of prosecution even before a victim has occurred.

How can anyone sleep at night knowing we’re imprisoning mothers, fathers, daughters and sons for crimes with no victim. Richard DeLisi went in the penitentiary system a father and will be coming out a grandfather if given the chance of release. How much more should one man suffer for a crime with no victim. Since his detainment, he lost his wife at age 43, his son three months later (both to pharmaceutical overdoses), followed shortly thereafter by his father. Besides the loss of love ones, he lost the opportunity to be a father to his daughter, instead of being able to be there for her, she was led to believe her father truly was a criminal until she was old enough to actually learn the truth.

Richard DeLisi is charged with drug trafficking, which in this present day and age with marijuana legal in many states, he would’ve been known as the delivery man or even just another trucker. Richard DeLisi’s only crime is trying to think for himself and support his family; knowing that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, why shouldn’t someone make a living in the process of utilization. I want you to ask yourself, “Is this justice the way our forefathers intended?” I know the answer will be, “the pain and suffering Richard DeLisi has endured has been worse than many other crimes.” Since his imprisonment, he has witnessed dealers of cocaine and other hard substances released with much lesser sentences. Along with them have been murderers, rapists, and child molesters. While a man with no victim, in a country with 4 legal states and an over 50 percent nationwide opinion that marijuana crimes should not be perused, is still incarcerated after more than 25 years. Richard doesn’t even face the opportunity of parole until he’s 77, how is this right? Especially with Obama’s recent pardon of 12 offenders charged with everything from counterfeit notes to involvement with cocaine and methamphetamine, we of The Human Solution International feel very strongly that Richard DeLisi and the 50 or more others serving life for their involvement of marijuana should be released immediately.

We ask that you help end prohibition through the proverbial ‘moral backdoor’. We advocate jury nullification, court support, and ask that you donate to a prisoner’s commissary fund, send them a letter to remind them they’re still human, and/or contact an official telling them you as an American citizen don’t agree with people serving time for a plant. Since by the time this gets to you Richard could be moved (since he is a chess piece in the system), I leave his The Human Solution International webpage address, where you can find his latest information Please join us on our quest to end prohibition, for no one should go to prison for a plant!   Thank you!

By Miggy Fourtwenty