Progressive Lifestyle Branding On USWC

Mainstream brand or cannabis startup U.S. WEED CHANNEL is the right choice for progressive Cannabis marketing!

Mainstream brands – Progressive Cannabis Branded Content sponsorships are available for the first time in history! Don’t blow it.

Most major brands realize that TV advertising as we knew it, is gone. Which is good! Incredible production budgets keep Branded Content sponsorships out of reach for most and attainable only by the largest brands. USWC adds an option; developing programming to broadcast on a niche outlet able to reach the 90% of American’s who want cannabis legalized. Brands with long-term mentality who sponsor programming NOW will be able to advertise when they started supporting in the future.

Cannabis and Hemp brands – Television advertising is available to your brand for the first time in history! Don’t blow it.

Learn about the $10,000 comparison. Spend just 5 minutes with any of our super awesome and friendly ad placement specialists to see with real numbers just how incredibly effective TV branding is compared to Magazines and Trade Shows.


USWC has creative options for your brand. How do you wish to present your brand to the Cannabis crowd? Comedy or cooking series, concert or live event, sporting event, talk show, documentary, game show?? Let your imagination fly!  We’re nimble.

Partnering with USWC, we take care of the hard work:

  • You decide on a sponsorship opportunity from over 30 programming options OR develop a brand new program with USWC.
  • USWC will produce the show(s), including influencer coordination, while you keep building your brand.
  • USWC will broadcast your brand message and product 24/7 for years via multiple platforms. USWC is available to 200+ million streaming screens in the U.S. and 160 international TV markets.
  • We even have extras like Affiliate partnering for qualifying brands to truly maximize ROI.

Let USWC’s expert content developers take your cannabis sector marketing to the next level.

Call now and let’s get you goin’ green!

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