Another Cannabis Prisoner Grows Old Behind Bars

Another Cannabis Prisoner Grows Old Behind Bars * The Human Solution ribbon

Antonio Bascaro is presently serving the longest prison term in US history of marijuana, thirty five years with four more to go. His present sentence has been cruel and unusual for the crime. Besides his punishment being unjust, his part in a smuggling operation was quite small. Everyone from the boss to his fellow conspirators have since been released, yet somehow this Cuban hero who fought in the Bay of Pigs has been forgotten.

It has taken three and a half decades of good conduct, back surgery, and finally old age for Antonio to prove that he is not a threat. He now resides in a medium security facility. Why is anyone involved with marijuana a threat when today they could be considered businessmen?

Antonio Bascaro was lost in the judicial system and this cannot happen anymore, he is a prime example of how the Drug War creates a social imbalance in minority communities. A single man, a good father, with no one to tell his tale for another 30 years; that would be up to his daughter. It’s easy to forget about somebody who didn’t commit a violent crime, but instead was guilty of making a living for his family.

Antonio’s daughter pushes with due diligence for her father’s release. Could you imagine if the only person that could help a loved one for you was the POTUS? “My dad ‘disappeared’ from my life when I was 12, almost 13.” she told me as we went over her father’s story.
One can only imagine the life his children had, growing up thinking their father was a criminal. Then you live life lessons and realize marijuana is safer than most things legal and that the Drug War is not here to protect citizens but to control and manipulate.

Aicha Bascaro is still trying to digest why this happened to her, her father, her brothers, and everyone else that loved her father. She asked me, “I am still trying to understand who wins by him being in prison all this time. Someone must be winning something, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. Do you know who wins?” My only reply is, “Control.” I then sent her a link to watch the documentary Grass: The History of Marijuana, for this is what I believe.
As long as Antonio Bascaro remains in jail, he is living proof of America’s racial prejudice past. Marijuana is not the drug you learned about in school or on TV. Don’t even believe the news. Watch the world for yourself and you’ll quickly see, that Antonio Bascaro is an innocent man by today’s standards, just like sitting in the back of the bus was wrong fifty years ago.

Please read this plea written by Antonio Bascaro’s daughter!
By Miggy Fourtwenty

For more information about the many people who have been sent to prison for simple possession of cannabis visit The Human Solution International website at   Thank You!

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  • Marie says:

    SERIOUSLY…..OMG……This is mindblowing to me that this man is still in prison. It is atrocious. If this article is accurate and he is truly in there for something so minor for so long, well that in itself is absurd. But for no one to make sure he got out years ago is shameful.

    • says:

      Hi Marie,
      Thank you for your heartfelt concern.
      Fell free to visit The Human Solution International Website and you can view all the
      truly innocent people who are in prison for in most cases simple possession.
      Best to you and your endeavors,

      COO, US Weed Channel