California Cannabis Voice Humboldt has Open Forum Discussing Cultivation Aspects

By November 4, 2014 News

Public to Review Stakeholder-Built Cannabis Ordinance

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt will present the comprehensive cannabis ordinance draft created from the Cannabis Stakeholder Summit in October during a forum on November 6 in the Blue Lake Casino Sapphire Palace. Stakeholder delegates will answer questions from the public in a panel forum. This event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with panels starting at 6 p.m. 




BudThe land use ordinance was drafted with input from representatives of the cultivation, environmental, government, business and medical/patient

communities. As a delegate from the cannabis community, Luke Bruner emphasized the importance of bringing together the community to draft this ordinance.

“The key here is that the people of Humboldt County are being empowered by engaging in grassroots democracy. There are no longer two Humboldts, and it’s no longer necessary for half of Humboldt to live in shadow. Humboldt County cultivators are now integrated and part of the political process.” Bruner said. “This sets the tone for the rest of the cannabis movement in California. The days of social segregation are gone forever.”

Only having a few voices shaping the county’s cannabis cultivation policy hasn’t worked, which is why bringing the stakeholders together in October and including the public on November 6 is critical, said Thomas Edrington, CCVH outreach director.

“This process absolutely has to involve the entire community,” Edrington said. “The goal is nothing less than a comprehensive, sustainable, progressive land use structure that can address existing cannabis cultivation issues and be prepared to launch Humboldt County into an era without cannabis prohibition.”

He explained that with 2016’s mounting effort to legalize cannabis in California looming, Humboldt must act to integrate the cultivation industry. Without the leadership of Humboldt’s cannabis cultivation community, legalization may end up stripping the county of billions as corporations take over the nascent cannabis industry.

“The only people who can stop that from happening are here in the Emerald Triangle. They are your friends, and your neighbors. People who’ve had to hide for so long something that’s integral to themselves, something they’re passionate about,” Edrington said. “And they can’t do it alone, either.”

The event at the Sapphire Palace is the beginning of a public comment period that will inform the stakeholders on how to proceed with fine-tuning the ordinance before presenting the final draft for signatures by the end of the year.


Thomas Edrington
California Cannabis Voice Humboldt
Outreach Director