Easter Strain of The Week Jilly Bean

By April 7, 2015 Advice, News, Thoughts


When it comes to the Easter holiday, I can take or leave most of the treats. Creme eggs, chocolate bunnies, those foul Peeps — all are left in the Easter basket well into April. But there is one candy of which I can never get my fill, jelly beans. I started buying them when they were put on the shelves back in February, and I have hoarded enough to get me through until next year. And if not, there is always Jelly Belly.

Named for the breeder, Mz Jill herself, from TGA Subcool Seeds, Jilly Bean is a cross between Orange Velvet and, our own favorite, Space Queen. With taste notes of sweet orange and sour grapefruit, as well as mango and pineapple, this isn’t your typical jelly bean bag, either. Flavors like this belong in the fancy tropical jelly bean bag.

Jilly Bean is a great outgoing daily strain, especially useful for those with social anxiety. The cerebral effects are also helpful in enhancing creativity, and shifting thought patterns produced by the high work against depression and ADHD. However, with no lack of indica influence, there is enough electric body buzz and physical relaxation in Jilly Bean to ease out tension and mild pain as well.