Girl Scout Cookies The Strain Of The Week

By March 12, 2015 Advice, News, Thoughts

To celebrate Girl Scouts Day on the 12th, we appropriately went with Girl Scout Cookies for our strain of the week.


Most commonly known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies, the hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison, is widely popular in the Bay Area and California at large. With as many phenotypes as there are flavors of actual Girl Scout cookies, you can expect to see some form of Cookies on your local menu this week.

Describing GSC as simply earthy and sweet does this strain a great injustice. Expect a complexity to these buds due to the prevalence of two key terpenes, B-Caryophyllene (herbal and hoppy) and D-Limonene (sweet and acidic). The high is just as intricate. GSC mixes the soaring sativa high of Durban Poison with the more indica leaning and physically euphoric OG Kush for a full spectrum high. Prized for its creativity and cerebral rush, it is also delightfully calming. One of my first “favorite” strains when I moved to California years ago, Girl Scout Cookies always leaves me giggly and pleased and ready for life.

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