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By February 13, 2015 Advice, Experiences, News

Michigan Humanitarian Stuck Behind Bars

Michael Thompson has spent the last 19 years locked away in the Chippewa Correctional Facility. Michael was arrested for selling three pounds of cannabis to an undercover officer. He had prior drug offenses, but no history of violence. When his house was raided after his arrest, a few antique firearms and one usable firearm were recovered. Despite the fact that the antiques did not fire and the one that did was owned by Michael’s wife, he was convicted of felony possession of a firearm along with his cannabis charges. This was his fourth offense which labeled him a habitual offender, and he was sentenced to 40-60 years in prison. He could have been sentenced to as little as five years.
Prison is a lonely place, and should be reserved for violent criminals. Often inmates are incarcerated many miles from loved ones making visitations difficult. The stress of the trial and incarceration destroys marriages and families leaving convicted prisoners feeling alone behind bars. Many POW’s (Prisoners of the War on Drugs) lose family while locked up, and Michael is no exception. His son was arrested for erratic driving behavior. The way he was driving was due to an illness and he tragically died while in police custody. Michael was forced to mourn for his son behind bars. How can anyone think the ridiculous amount of time Michael has lost with his family is justified by a so called cannabis “crime”?

Prior to his incarceration, Michael had been flourishing in the entertainment industry. He was the founder of Meeko’s Production and promoted concerts for various genres of music. The last production by Michael’s company was headlined by Aretha Franklin. Besides professional success, Michael was an extraordinary humanitarian. He received assorted awards for his work with the troubled youth in Michigan, including the Key to the City of Flint. Michael is regularly planning strategies on how he can best serve his community upon his release, currently scheduled in 2038. His hope is to “stage benefit concerts, in selected states across United States, called ”STANDING IN THE DEFENSE AGAINST VIOLENCE”.

One of Michael’s biggest supporters is Claudia Perkins, his pre-imprisonment employer. She has been helping by raising awareness, supplying commissary money, and filing clemency requests with the Governor since his incarceration. She reached out to The Human Solution International and shared Michael’s story. Due to Judge Judith A Fullerton’s refusal to adjust this cruel and unusual sentence, THSI is urging citizens to contact Governor Rick Snyder requesting compassion in this case and to grant clemency. Michael has spent more than enough time in prison and only wishes to be a productive member of his community again. We need to insist on his immediate release from prison so that he may continue his humanitarian efforts.

Please send your letters to, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, Michigan 48909. Phone calls are also effective; Governor Snyder’s phone number is (517) 373-3400. Contact the governor and let him know, No One Should Go to Jail For a Plant! Please visit The Human Solution International at http://www.thsintl.org to find information on how you can help support Michael and other POW’s across the country.

By Mindi Griffiths for The Human Solution Int.