Cannabis Investing Forum (Part 1 – Industry Leaders)

There are exceptional opportunities in the global medical cannabis, hemp and CBD markets and investors are strategically investing for ROI.
Current impact on utilizing data and technology to achieve federal legalization and remove cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act
Investing in Technology: Strategies to Strengthen Cannabis Efficacy
Speakers Include:Carol Ortega Algarra, Founder & Managing Director, Muisca Capital Group
Elaine Richer, CEO & Founder, MyCureAll
Elisabeth Mack, RN, BSN, MBA – Founder of Holistic Caring
Ian Rassman, NORML & Chosen Payments
​Jacques Nir, COO & Founder, MyCureAll – LinkedIn
Mathew J. Nordgren, CEO Founder, Arcadian Fund
Tracy Ryan, Founder, CannaKids & CKSoul