New Yorks Cuomo – Only some sick can feel better / Soldiers may suffer

By June 18, 2014 News, Shanes Rants

New York Gov. Quomo may be prejudice against certain ill people in his State and has set the stage to make sure Soldiers must suffer from PTSD ailments.

Is this PREJUDICE? – When the Governor requests certain ailments be removed from the allowable list it is clearly an indication of PREJUDICE against people who suffer from those ailments…OR he is making sure the pharma that pushes thier product to that sector keeps pushing their pharma to that sector.

It is Ungrateful! – When soldiers suffering from PTSD cannot SMOKE weed it takes much longer for the psychoactive affect that calms them and helps stop their suffering. I know this first-hand from owning a dispensary at the back side of Camp Pendleton Marine Base and helping their discharged soldiers. Thus Quomo’ ruling that cannabis cannot be smoked means that a soldier must suffer for at least 30-minutes extra while waiting for an edible to take effect.

1) After risking their lives for our contry isn’t 1-minute of suffering too much?

2) Do you have any idea how much damage an angry, well trained American Soldier can do in 30-minutes? Trust me, you want that person SMOKING their weed and it working fast.

This goes for any sufferer of PTSD in any form…let them PUFF.

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  • Jim says:

    – It took a lot of cattle prodding to get Cuomo to sign the ‘Compassionate Care Act’ which now allows for cannabis extracts (oil, edibles’, and tincture’s). If patriots suffering from PTSD need immediate treatment may I respectfully suggest ‘vaping’ or ‘dropping’ which enters the blood stream almost immediately.

    Not only does this eliminate carcinogens like tar and gives a cleaner taste, but also will be available from dispensaries.