Our Founder started U.S. WEED CHANNEL because he was pissed-off and wanted to expose the California Court system. He had no money and NO IDEA how to operate a tv network. He just knew an entire industry was being ignored by mainstream media and things needed changing!

They are!

U.S. WEED CHANNEL is now a quarter million strong, globally broadcast to 145 countries in 5 languages and going multi-platform with new shows and influencers!

We realize we are not Disney or Netflix; we subscribe to them both. USWC is a totally different kind of awesome!

U.S. WEED CHANNEL is growing a brand new global TV network


Our mission at U.S. WEED CHANNEL is layered: To breaking boundaries for Cannabis Media and Content Creators, to bring back fun and edgy television that pushes the norms and hits viewers in the heart, head or funny bone and to educate the masses on the benefits of Cannabis worldwide.

The battle for Legalization, Normalization, Freedom of Cannabis Content and Education rages on!

Rage with us at U.S. WEED CHANNEL.