The First and Only Federally Certified and Global Cannabis Media Platform!


U.S. WEED CHANNEL is on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, Web and has Apps for Android and iOS. U.S. WEED CHANNEL is installed in a quarter million homes and will reach 1.4 billion devices with your messaging.


U.S. WEED CHANNEL is approved by:

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• Welcome to the Future of Advertising to the Cannabis Consumer!
• A legal platform for your ads to reach millions like mainstream ads.
• Better ROI. We're here to get you out of the Event/Magazine/Billboard rut!
• Customize your advertising. choosing your own Video, Podcast or News segment that amplifies your brand message. Don't be a tiny part in someone's big event; stand out with your own show! With U.S. WEED CHANNEL.
• Your Ads can be playing to a quarter million homes!
• Safety in advertising with Geo-fencing
• Ads play globally to 145 countries and can be subtitled in 5-languages.

Mainstream (Non-Cannabis) Advertisers

• Brand Safety in Cannabis advertising - Welcome to the doorway to the hearts and minds of Cannabis Consumers worldwide! A legal Cannabis platform for your ads to target the worlds largest niche. 
Nimble Broadcast - Programming and ads can be analyzed and updated in a day!
• First to Market Opportunity - The first non-cannabis brands to create showcases on U.S. WEED CHANNEL wins the race to the minds of the worlds largest niche! Literally and figuratively. 
• USWC is a Google AdSense and YahooSSP Approved Publisher!
• We know you never thought you would hear this... Your brand is safe with U.S. WEED CHANNEL
• Exclusivity Available! Single Market options and Broadcast 5-language availability.

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