Parent files when Kansas siezes child because parents opinion on Weed!

By July 20, 2015 News

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against State of Kansas by Shona Banda’s Lawyers additional reading.

This woman simply spoke at a PTA meeting about the positive aspects of Weed…and her child was taken by the State of Kansas.

We at USWC do not tollerate such nonsense and are happy to point out the abuse of power by the representatives at the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

Shona Banda is a woman who gained her following by sharing a way to produce her own inexpensive cannabis oil extraction method in an effort to create a home treatment for Crohn’s disease and other ailments.

If you wish to contact the Kansas Department of Children and Families and let them know how you feel about their decision to take a child from a caring mother. 1-800-922-5330

Shona Banda’s Lawyers File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against State of Kansas