Shasta, CA – County Sheriff…breaking the law??

By May 22, 2014 Shanes Rants

California Sheriff Officers disobey CA AFFAIRS laws, take childrens medicine…explain they pay themselves! WTH?

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  • Byron J. Le Blanc says:

    WHO DO THESE A-HOLES THINK THEY R? My god, the law enforcement community should hang their heads in SHAME, when the Sheriff’s start picking and choosing which laws to enforce and how they will enforce them. When state, county, and municipal law enforcement refuse to follow the people’s will and instead choose to side with a nebulous entity called the Federal Government, Which is “SUPPOSED TO B” by and for the American PEOPLE, not some elected person who would solict votes from chipmunks if they could figure out how to get them to sign their nuts!) WHEN THE WILL OF THE LOCAL PEOPLE HAS BEEN EXPRESSED IN VOTING IN DEMOCRATICALL, A LAW LEGALIZING MEDICAL MARIJUANA and these cops (cuz they rate being called law enforcement cuz they r NOT ENFORCING THE LAW!) Decide to break locally voted in law(s), they r just criminals with badges, who r not the instrument of the people who ELECTED that sheriff, but now just puppets of the second government of the United States of America! Just a bunch of mobsters who r following the money, not the will of the people! This is “Y” there will b a Third Revolutionary War, this time, hopefully, the PEOPLE will win this war cuz slavery is not on the agenda to confuse the issue that the War is being fought so that the American People can take back their government from the special interest groups and BIG money. Or more succinctly, hasn’t that Sheriff ever heard of the “Chain of Command” where the people of America r the ones who tell elected government officials wjat to do by DEMOCRATICALLY VOTING IN LAWS and Law Makers? There goes the U.S. Constitution, taken away to b burned with the confiscated “Drugs”! Welcome to Communism, America!