How often do you get a chance to bridge a gap in a language?

That is how you roll when you join Signs For The Times and U.S. WEED CHANNEL in ‘Mission 10,000‘.

Currently those using ASL (American Sign Language) to speak have no language for Cannabis or the Endocanabinoid system. Signs For The Times is creating that language AND educating both patients and physicians. Literally, creating a bridge in a language barrier between patient and physician! U.S. WEED CHANNEL is dedicated to making this happen with a Live Benefit on April 19th in Las Vegas! The Mission …10,000 subscribers or $50,000 for Signs For The Times.

Want to know you helped create the ASL for Weed? Here’s how:

30-day special to reach 10,000 subscribers!! Your $50.40 Annual Subscription to U.S. WEED CHANNEL gets you a BOGO subscription, a Free digital download of the benefit AND donates $5 to Signs For The Times!

Will you be in Las Vegas on April 19th 2019?? Purchase tickets here.

Supporting Advertisers get a mention during the Live event. (Includes 2 tickets.) Donate here!


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