Spring Is Here With Earth OG!!! Weed Review Strain of The Week!

By April 21, 2015 Advice, Experiences, News, Thoughts


There is a very important day this week that is sure to bring people together as a community and help raise awareness for an important cause. No, I’m not talking about 4/20. This Wednesday is Earth Day. Founded in 1970, Earth Day has been reminding us for 45 years that we only have one home and it’s not a bad idea to keep it tidy. So in honor of Earth Day and the place we put our stuff, our Strain of the Week is Earth OG.

Earth OG is a hybrid of the popular East Coast strain, Sour Diesel, and Ghost OG, or a similar OG cut. The scent is rich with a pungent earthy spice and a puckery sour lemon from the unique diesel-PineSol combination from the dominant terpenes of the parent strains.

A two sided strain, Earth OG covers all the bases. There is an uplifting cerebral rush from the Sour Diesel, perfect for creativity, anti-depression, and social anxiety. On the other side, the Ghost OG offers pain moderation and excellent stress relief with its physical OG relaxation. This duality makes Earth OG the ideal all-purpose, all-day medication.