Strain Of The Week! Ghost

By April 15, 2015 Advice, Experiences, News, Thoughts


There is not an abundance of strain information on the interwebs about Ghost OG, and despite hitting its peak in popularity just a few years ago, it is not prevalent on most menus. Ghost OG is purported to be a phenotype of OG Kush. Some critics would even say it is “THE” cut of OG Kush, preferable to all others. However, that’s been said other times about other phenotypes.

Ghost OG exhibits typical OG Kush characteristics, including its citrusy pine scent. However, the citrus is less acidic and sweeter and the pine is musky, like a forest floor. There is even a touch of ginger in the flavor of the original cut.

There are plenty of physical effects from Ghost OG, and the high can be drowsy and locking. Wherever you are when you smoke Ghost OG is where you will stay. There are claims that it might have an additional Afghani Kush influence from a backcrossing. If this is true, it would make Ghost OG an excellent before bed, indica dominant strain. Never overbearing, our Strain of the Week is perfect for relief from migraines, cramps, chronic pain, and of course, insomnia, without too much cerebral rush.

Thank you to Jeff of the OC Weed Review!!!