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Mars OG Strain of The Week!

Last week we focused attention on our current planet with our review of Earth OG. And so for our next Strain of the Week, we look to our future planet in Mars OG. Long have we looked to Mars for the existence of little green men on the surface. Yet now, we are looking at the surface for a new home. During your lifetime or one to come, Earthlings will likely attempt to become Martians. Until that day comes, there is Mars OG.

An indoor to outdoor grow of the Fire OG Kush phenotype, expect an earthy musk scent to the big resinous buds, like leaves and punky wood–with an underlying herbal spiciness. The low THC and high CBD numbers mean lots of body effects and couch-lock with very little “intoxication”, making Mars OG an ideal medication. If it is good for pain, then it is great for insomnia. Within 30 minutes and as the peak begins to subside, Mars OG lulls you off to a perfect, contented sleep.

Thank you to Jeff of OC Week Review!

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  • Canna-honey recipe. Don’t forget to decarb first … a 1 ounce tray of #cannabuds in every oven! Rule of thumb … 110 deg C (240 F) limit for 60 min to decarb Cannabis and convert CBDA to CBD. So, if honey breaks down at 40 deg C, better to first decarb your Cannabis flowers first, THEN soak the decarb’d flowers in everclear to dislodge the contents of the trichomes, drain off and dry the plant material and save it for your stash-filler, then add the now cooled liquid to the honey, about a mix of 75/25 ratio is minimally required to retain a thick viscosity over approx 3 – 5 lbs of finished product (the digested nectar from about 40 million clover flowers mixed with the contents of the trichomes from a dozen or so cannabuds). Spread on your toast with some butter and cinnamon, and voilà … you’ve got Canna-honey! Dosage = 1 oz. (about 100 mg of THC per serving).