Weed Review for Valentine Week * Buzz Love is In The Air

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In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up on Saturday, our Review of the Week is of the fittingly named Love Potion #1.  A hybrid of the conspiracy laden G-13 and the Santa Marta Colombian Gold, this strain was first bred by Reeferman of Canadian fame.  Establishing himself as a champion of genetic diversity among the original landrace strains, Charles Scott’s Love Potion #1 was a 2004 Cannabis Cup winner for best sativa, shocking both the crowds and the heavily favored local competition in Amsterdam.

It doesn’t take long to see why it wowed the judges over a decade ago.  Although it is rare to find in the dispensaries these days, the original genetics are always available direct from Reeferman Seeds.  A sativa dominant hybrid thanks to the landrace Colombian Gold, its acidic citrus scent is complemented by G-13’s earthy pine.  In the end, the green hit is sweeter and more skunky than the typical Pine Sol taste of other strains.  When handled, the fluffy buds will be excessively sticky, and the lemony smell can stay on your fingers for hours.

Sharing genetics with Skunk #1, Love Potion #1 offers a delightfully jubilant and active high, making it perfect for a decidedly mobile Valentine’s Day date.  More for mountain biking than the movies, even we less athletic types will enjoy the high for walks downtown or concerts along the waterfront.  However, thanks to G-13’s likely Afghani genetics, there is a comfortable, snuggly characteristic to the high that will make it hard to keep your hands off your date for long, and eventually you will end up tucked into each other’s arms at the end of the night. So go begin planning the perfect Valentine’s date and be sure to check your local menus for Love Potion #1.

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