Weed review of The Week * Skywalker OG

By March 9, 2015 Advice, News, Thoughts

Rightly referred to on Leafly as the California Skywalker, Skywalker OG is a less moody version of an otherwise unwieldy and locking strain.


If the Skywalker strain is Darth Vader, then Skywalker OG is Ewoks. If Skywalker is Han frozen in Carbonite, then the OG is Jar Jar’s accent. Sliced off hands and bikini bondage or midichlorians and pod races… you get the idea. However, sometimes the latter, more candy coated option is the perfect choice for the masses.

For this popular West Coast hybrid, we see the indica dominant Skywalker (Blueberry and Mazar) from Dutch Passion Seeds mixed with the euphoric OG Kush, creating a much more accessible Skywalker strain. When you rip open Skywalker OG buds, you are greeted by an earthy ground spice and a dark berry working happily together — both exotic and sweet all at once in both scent and flavor. Expect a knockout high from the Skywalker, thanks in large part to the Mazar’s high CBD numbers. The Blueberry only adds to this already sedative high. But much like what many fear Disney’s additions to the Star Wars franchise will be, the California prefered Skywalker OG is a brighter, more cartoonish version of this otherwise darkly indica high.